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Construction Bonding & Business Insurance
1499 SE Tech Center Place
Suite 280
Vancouver, WA 98683

Phone: 360 892 5840
Fax: 360 892 5871

Bob Lagler  Pres. - Surety & Admin -
Ashley Passer Surety Acct Assist -

Heather Beelar- Insurance Department Mgr. -


For more than 30 years we've been bonding & insuring contractors.  
From our Vancouver WA office we have clients in many States.  We are known for outstanding and prompt service.  We never miss a bid date.      
Agency client's have ranged in size from $500k annual sales to over $400 million.  Evidence of our success is the duration of client relationships which in many cases exceeds 30 years. A testament to our competence and the trust relationships we build. 
Distance is never a problem.  We use Fed X, UPS, and all means of rapid communicaton.  Typical turnaround is 24 hours desk to desk or less.  Clients often comment on our excellant rapid service acknowledging its better than what they experienced previously with local  Agents.   We've been doing it a long time with a lot of success. 

We are quite good at what we do.  Clients like us.  Its a trust relationship based on performance with evolving friendships.  Every client treated individually and confidentially.  
The Contractor's first line of defense in a Surety relationship is a professional Surety Agent.  Bob Lagler is considered one of the best Surety Agents in the business - otherwise why would long distance clients performing multi-millions in annual sales stay with him for 25 to 30 years.


This Agency has provided bonding and insurance services for many high profile projects in various States.  Some examples:  (1) Two of the largest Highway Structure Projects ever awarded by AZDOT; (2) Steel Fabrication for the San Francisco Bay Bridge and San Raphael Bridge; (3) Mass Excavation Portland OR VA Hospital; (4) Various Hydro Construction Projects along the Columbia River; (5) San Diego CA residential site prep, structural, water/sewer/storm systems; (6) Nevada Schools, Correctional Facilities, Mining Projects, Public Buildings, Federal Bldgs.; (7) Northern Calif  Highway & Utility Projects; (8) OR & WA Bridge, WTP, Roads, Highway, and Commercial Bldgs.; (9) Portland Trolly Cars, Tucson Trolly Cars, Barge Fabrication, Military Projects; (10) New Mexico WTP and Public Buildings; Idaho Hospitals & Public Buildings

Privacy and confidentiality is paramount allowing us to affectively represent many competing construction companies without conflict.  We work very hard to act as a valuable part of each clients management team providing value added service.  While we are experienced providing service to large const firms, we also enjoy success working with smaller emerging contractors.  We take your success personally.

We represent most of the major Sureties and have ample sources for placement. 


We offer all typical insurance products required by Contractors, Manufacturing, Retail & Professional  Business.  We can insure your Home & Personal Auto as well. 

We have a secondary specialty providing Farm & Ranch insurance, as will as sickness and mortality insurance for livestock.  Most of us at the Agency have Ranch backgrounds and are active.  
For all clients we review the market for pricing and coverage improvements at every renewal.  We do our best to obtain for clients a fair and competitive price for insurance coverage.  We constantly monitor the markets and their ever changing appitites. There are many more exclusions and coverage exceptions these days.  It's important to make sure your coverage needs are known and provided for.

Our compensation is either commission paid by the insurer or disclosed fee paid by the client.  We have limited performance incentive bonus arrangements whereby placing loss free business and reaching certain levels of premium volume qualifies us for additional modest compensation.  We have no compensation or bonus arrangements that would affect pricing individual premiums paid by any particular client.  We are paid by the Surety or Insurance Company.